Military Moving Rules | Move Types and Entitlements for PCS

People may think moving around and seeing different parts of the country is ideal, but for military families who move almost every two years, the process can have its pros and cons. On the one hand, these families get to travel around the country, and sometimes, even different parts of the world. They get to experience new cultures and meet different kinds of people. They get a lot more exposure than people who just stay in one place. On the other hand, moving from one place to another within a short span of time can be hard for some. Leaving behind friends and extended family can be tough on people. The process of having to make new friends and re-establish social relationships can be challenging. Moving your entire home from one part of the city to another can also be in a hassle in itself, and requires a lot of planning and manual work.

Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

PCS is the common term that is used in the military, which refers to the act of moving the base from one place to another. PCS stands for a permanent change of station and includes several times of moving options that one can opt for. People tend to choose different options based on their needs since different kinds of moves will require different necessities.

Do-It-Yourself (DITY) Moves

The first option that military families have is to opt for a DITY move, through which you move base yourself with the help of your family, and have the military reimburse you for all the expenses therein. The compensation is calculated by the military and reimbursed through a system which may sometimes seem complicated. Moreover, the compensation takes a longer time to reach the families, which is why they don’t commonly opt for this kind of move.

Hiring Military Movers

The second option that military families have is to let the military-hired packers do all the work of moving your things, for you. This is a more relaxed and easier option since you have professional movers to make your entire relocation a lot easier. More and more military families are choosing this option as it tends to be easier and does not involve any form of reimbursements that need to be given back to them.

Families choosing to opt for this can do so through the military website, or by contacting the concerned authorities that are in charge of PCS. There are several articles online that discuss each of these options in great detail, and also provide useful tips that one can implement to make a smoother move to their new home.

Hybrid Moves

A lot of military families also tend sometimes to choose a mix of both these options, making their move a lot more efficient. The families tend to move some of the things themselves, and leave the rest to the military hired packers. The amount that the military has to reimburse you is a lot less and proves to be more efficient since you will always have the things and necessities that you need on hand during the move.


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