Military Moving | Complete PCS Checklist for Your Relocation

Frequent relocations are part of military life, and just one of the many sacrifices military families have to make for our country. Although interstate moving can be physically and emotionally stressful, there are ways to simplify your relocation to make it easier for the whole family. Here are ten tips to streamline your next military move.

1. Make A List Of Moving Tasks

Start by making a list of moving tasks, so nothing important is neglected. Crossing off items as you go will also give you a sense of accomplishment that can be very motivating.

2. Use Social Media To Sell Unwanted Items

Make extra cash fast by using social media to sell items you no longer use or want. Local buy, sell, and trade groups online are the easiest way to arrange sales.

3. Pack A Little Each Day

Cheap Movers Manhattan ( suggests you start packing well in advance of your next move. If you pack just one box each day, you will at least have a head start.

4. Connect With Your New Community

Before you move, research your new community and find local groups on social media that you can join. This is a great way to make new connections and get excited about your new city.

5. Declutter and Donate

Simplify packing by decluttering and donating before you start loading boxes. Go through your wardrobe, give away toys your children have outgrown, and donate any belongings that you have been hanging on to just in case. Remember, unless items have true sentimental value, they can be easily replaced.

6. Minimize Media By Going Digital

Transfer the contents of CDs to your computer or hard drive. This will save you from having to box, move repeatedly, and unpack your music collection each time you need to relocate because of a military transfer.

7. Set Aside Important Items

Mover Junction suggests packing a box of important items that you put in an easy to locate a place in your vehicle. Include items you know you will need on the first day, like toilet paper, medications, and toiletries.

8. Stop Transporting Unwanted Mementos

If you keep moving old mementos from house to house but care more for the memories than the objects themselves, consider taking a picture of the object and then donating it. That way, you can keep the memories but no longer have as much clutter to pack.

9. Label Each Box By Contents And Room

Label each box with both its contents and the room. That way, when you go to unpack boxes, you will be able to prioritize or quickly locate items you need. This can be a major blessing when you are exhausted from yet another move.

10. Clean As You Pack

Instead of waiting until move out day to do all your cleaning, Mountain Moving advises to clean as you pack. Although you may have to wait to do the final deep cleaning tasks, you will still save time and energy on moving day if you do not have to clean up weeks of dirt, grime, or trash.

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